Foreign currency

Today's euro SELL rate is €1.075 and USD is $1.335

We BUY EUROS for 1.18and USD for 1.44

PLUS over eighty other currencies.

Call on 07980767167 for up to date rates and details of other currencies.

Open for business

Lockdown is back!!! We are closed for the duration of Lockdown 3.0. BUT THGE GOOD NEWS IS THAT we can still operate a Call And Deliver (Click And Collect) service BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. So, if you have any gold, silver or foreign currency to sell or you want to buy some currency give us a call on 07980767167 and we will arrange for someone to be there at an agreed time. We are totally Covid secure as there is thick glass between you and us and only one person CAN get in at a time! Until Boris says otherwise, this is the way it must be. We have been buying large amounts of gold, silver and currency as the situation bites. We have been selling the odd bit of foreign currency, mainly euros for people going to Ireland or back to Europe due to Brexit.

Gold Rate



Today's Silver prices
Sterling silver per Troy Ounce15.57
Sterling silver per gram0.501
Pure silver per Troy Ounce16.83
Pure silver per gram0.54
British silver coins up to 1919;
Half crown6.76
British silver coins
from 1920 to 1946
Half crown3.65


Selling and buying silver in and around Dewsbury, Cleckheaton, Fitzwilliam, York or Morley?  Silver around the world is usually 92.5% or 95.8% pure so is a lot easier to understand than gold.

The main hallmark of silver is a small lion. But, once again, the absence of a hallmark needn’t be an impediment to selling – we’ll test it free of charge with our acid. We simply scratch the surface to get past any plating and put a drop of acid on.  If it goes green – it’s not silver. silver

As with gold it leaves a small scratch and a stain, which can be polished off or wears off with wear. We buy chains, ingots, rings, cutlery, and tea sets – anything made of silver.