What kind of gold do we buy?

Put simply – any kind of gold.

It all goes in the melting pot – so who cares what state it’s in?

We buy 8ct, 9ct, 10ct, 14 ct, 15ct, 18ct, Asian, 22ct and pure gold.

Gold is measured in terms of purity on a scale from 0-24 where pure gold is 24 carat.  There is no such thing as 25 carat gold.

9 carat gold is what we 6356452_lmostly use in UK and is 9/24ths, or 37.5% pure.

German gold tends to be 8 carat, or 33.3% pure.

Turkish gold tends to the 14 carat, or 58.5% pure.

Spanish gold tends to be 18 carat or 75.0% pure.

Asian gold tends to be 21 or 22 carat gold or 87.5% or 91.6% pure.

Some Hong Kong jewellery is pure 24 carat gold.

We buy broken ear rings, chains, rings.

We buy unbroken ear rings, chains, rings.

We buy old gold teeth.  If you have a gold tooth out ask the dentist for the old tooth – it’ll ease the pain when you sell it to us.  The dentist may well say she can’t give it to you as its ‘clinical waste’.  Oh, yes she can.  We buy it off them!

It really doesn’t matter what state it’s in.

If it’s not broken and it’s ‘too good to scrap’ bring it in anyway and we’ll tell you the GOLD value of your item.  Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth more than that to you.  But at least you’ll know its gold value!

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We buy Gold and give you best the price.

We buy sovereigns.

A full sovereign is eight grams of 22 carat gold.  If it’s attached to a ring or pendant we simply deduct eight grams from the total price, value the piece as normal and add on the value of the sovereign.  It makes no difference to us the state of the sovereign.  We want the gold.

If you’re not sure if it’s gold or not – fetch it in and we’ll give a no fee, no obligation test using our testing acids.  At least you’ll be able to throw it away with a clear conscience.