Foreign currency

Today's euro SELL rate is €1.10 and USD is $1.30

We BUY EUROS for 1.20and USD for 1.40

PLUS over eighty other currencies.

Call on 07980767167 for up to date rates and details of other currencies.

Open for business

We’re CLOSED again due to the national lockdown! However, we are allowed to operate a "Click and Collect" service, so if you've got any gold to sell let me know on 07980767167 and we'll arrange a time for the shop to be staffed. We are fully COVID secure because there's only one person CAN get in the shop and there's thick glass between you and us.

Gold Rate

£16.12 per gram of 9ct

Ring 07980767167

Foreign Currency

As we buy gold and silver for cash we need a lot of Sterling from the security deliver companies. To cut down on the amounts we carry we offer a foreign currency service – for cash. Because we’re after your Sterling we offer a hugely competitive rate of exchange, as near to Spot Rate as is possible.

Due to legal restrictions this can only be offered in full at the Cleckheaton office, but we are happy to discuss the service and take orders at any location.

Ring on 07980767167 for further details.

We are fully registered and compliant with HMRC Money Laundering Regulations and you will need to show proof of ID for all orders and have it copied for orders over GBP1,100.

We always aim to have in stock Euros and US Dollars, but USD can be difficult to keep in stock, so order early.

Here is a brief list of currencies we can buy and sell;


US Dollars,USD,

 Australian $,AUD,

 Turkish Lire (NEW),TRY,

 Canadian $,CAD,

Swiss Franc,CHF,

Hong Kong $,

 UAE Dirham,AED,

South African Rand,ZAR

New Zealand $,NZD,

Chinese Remnimbi,CNY,

Czech Coruna,CZK,

Norwegian Krone,NOK,

Swedish Krone,SEK,

Singapore $,SGD,

Japanese Yen,JPY,

Thai Baht,THB,

 Bulgarian Lev,BGN,

Polish Zloty,PLN,

Danish Krona,DKK,

Russian Rubles,RUB,

 Croatian Kuna,HRK,

 Hungarian Forint,HUF,

Malaysian Ringgit,MYR,

 Mexican Peso,MXN,

 Brazilian Real,BRL,

Israeli Shekel,ILS,

Barbados $,BBD,

Indonesian Rupiah,IDR,

Kenyan Shillings,KES,

Icelandic Kronur,ISK,

Moroccan Dirhams,MAD,

Indian Rupee,INR,

East Caribbean Dollars, XCD,

Mauritian Rupees,MUR,

Jordanian Dinars,JOD,

Saudi Rials,SAR,

South Korean Won,KRW,

Phillipine Peso,PHP

Jamaican Dollars,JMD,



Gambian Dalasi,GMD,

Romanian lei,RON,

New Taiwan Dollar,TWD,

Qatari Rials,QAR,

Dominican Rep Pesos,DOP,

Trinidad and Tobago Dollars,TTD,

Fijian $,FJD,

Sri Lankan Rupees,LKR,

Costa Rican Colons,CRC,

Kuwaiti Dinars,KWD,

Columbian Pesos,COP,

Bermudan $,BMD,

 Brunei $,BND,

Pakistan Rupees,PKR,

Bangladesh Taka,BDT,

Botswana Pula,BWP,

Belize Pounds,BZD,

 Vietnamese Dong,VND,

People often ask – what’s the best currency to take to a particular country?

There are some countries that have given up and use other currencies such as the US Dollar.  But, as a general rule, if a country has its own currency and its permitted to buy it in this country, then you’re better off using that currency as the local shops, while they may take other currencies they will simply be buying your Sterling at a poor rate and charging you in local currency.