Foreign currency

Today's euro SELL rate is €1.10 and USD is $1.30

We BUY EUROS for 1.20and USD for 1.40

PLUS over eighty other currencies.

Call on 07980767167 for up to date rates and details of other currencies.

Open for business

We’re CLOSED again due to the national lockdown! However, we are allowed to operate a "Click and Collect" service, so if you've got any gold to sell let me know on 07980767167 and we'll arrange a time for the shop to be staffed. We are fully COVID secure because there's only one person CAN get in the shop and there's thick glass between you and us.

Gold Rate

£16.12 per gram of 9ct

Ring 07980767167


20217248_lA lot of people have old silver dinner services or tea and coffee sets.  With the rocket in silver prices these are now worth more for their silver content than their intrinsic values – especially if used.

We buy tea pots, coffee pots, mustard pots, knives, forks, spoons, napkin rings etc.