Todays Rates

Todays Gold rate per gram of 9ct£14.75
Todays Silver Sterling rate per gram£0.485
Todays Euro Sell rate£1.12
Todays USD rate£1.36
Correct as at 0900 10/3/21

Paid in CASH on the day, weighed out in front of you! No posting, no mailing, no cheques. Plus over eighty other currencies.


New service coming to Cleckheaton. AUTHORISED AND REGULATED BY FCA. We can now offer you a full PAWNBROKING service at the We Buy Gold unit in Central Arcade.

Open for Business

Lockdown is OVER!!!!!!! So, if you have any gold, silver or foreign currency to sell or you want to buy some currency give us a call on 07980767167 and we will arrange for someone to be there at an agreed time. We are totally Covid secure as there is thick glass...

We Buy Gold

When it comes to selling your old gold and jewellery there’s only one thing that really matters … and that’s price. That’s what matters to us at We Buy Gold too.

What kind of gold do we buy?

Put simply – any kind of gold.

It all goes in the melting pot – so who cares what state it’s in?

We buy 8ct, 9ct, 10ct, 14 ct, 15ct, 18ct, Asian, 22ct and pure gold.

Gold is measured in terms of purity on a scale from 0-24 where pure gold is 24 carat. There is no such thing as 25 carat gold.

Foreign Curency

As we buy gold and silver for cash we need a lot of Sterling from the security deliver companies. To cut down on the amounts we carry we offer a foreign currency service – for cash.

Due to legal restrictions this can only be offered in full at the Cleckheaton office, but we are happy to discuss the service and take orders at any location.